Floraiku – Discovery Set Review

From the moment you hear the brand name, an enigmatic portmanteau of Floral and Haiku, you are instantly clued in to Floraiku’s main theme. The brand, created by Clara and John Molloy of MEMO fame, is so tightly spun here, so well developed that I’m struggling to think of a comparable house that is themed with such strict imagery.


Video: Gallivant – London Review

Here’s a review of one of my recent finds that I really enjoyed, Gallivant London. It’s a dandy Rose fragrance with an eccentric, rough animalic leather edge. Not quite the London that I know, but a good version none the less.


Video: Xerjoff – Cavour One Review

Here’s a little peek at one of the exclusive Xerjoff fragrances from the Shooting Stars lineup, Cavour One. Exclusive (sort of…) to the Turin Boutique, it’s a classy, refined, quite seductive scent. Pretty good tbf, it’s got some unique top notes in Quince and White Peach.