Video: How to train your nose for perfume & perfumery

Here’s a video with some ideas on how to train your nose when picking notes and analysing fragrances, a handy skill for perfume as a hobby and a foundational and indispensable skill for a perfumer. Just an idea for a video from a comment I read last week. Wouldn’t say I’m an authority myself, but we’re all just learning together eh.


Video: Mon Guerlain First Impressions

This weeks Sunday Sample pulled out Mon Guerlain by Guerlain. A pretty dull fragrance all told, but done well all the same. Not something I’d wear ever again, but I can see the point of this in Guerlains lineup. Probably worth a skip, this one, if I’m honest…


Video: Rouge Bunny Rouge – Silhouette Review

Here’s a thing. A version of Lalique Encre Noire for people with too much money to burn… Also for people like me with less money to burn but an insatiable love for that sweet dark wood. Made by the same perfumer as Encre Noire, this is a blatant re-hash of a classic formula minus the Iso E Super bomb and with a little bit of jazz to tart it up.